Cactus Pet Cat Tree Toys with Ball

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The Cactus Cat Tree is carefully hand-made, wrapped with natural jute twine, and resistant to abrasion and erosion. The thickened column, together with the sophisticated craftsmanship, makes it more comfortable and safe for cats to climb. The base for the Cactus mini is solid enough for a 4 KG cat to easily climb up and down.

this tree is a cactus-shape cat climber and scratcher that eases your cat's boredom and provides them with daily playful recreation. With three sisal-wrapped bolstered perches, it allows multiple cats to climb at the same time. It's attractive and easy to assemble. This modern design will also be an amazing decoration for your house and a point of conversation!


 * Premium Quality
 * Strong & Durable
 * Protect Your Furniture
 * Can grow a magical tree of cats
 * Tree-shaped design, more interesting
 * Stabilize the base and easily bear the impact of the cat climbing up and down.
 * It is resistant to abrasion and meets the daily catch and grinding of cats.



  • 1. Using the bionic design, combined with the cat's nature to love to climb, thus designing this very popular cat toy.
  • 2. The small model has strong support at the bottom and is still stable under the impact of cats.
  • 3. Funny cat ball, the main body can sharpen claws, simply climb and jump.
  • 4. Protect your furniture.
  • 5. Simple installation, direct use, the vertical type does not take up space.
  • 6. It is suitable for all kinds of home decoration styles and brings more beauty to your family.