Baby Carrier Breathable

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About the product
  • cotton
  • 50% MORE BREATHABLE - Modal is 50% more breathable than cotton, solving the biggest problem with baby wraps: they get too hot. Modal is also an eco-friendly natural fabric made from recycled beech tree pulp. Beech trees require a fraction of the water and arable land used for organic cotton
  • 2x SOFTER AND STRETCHIER THAN COTTON - Our baby sling wrap carrier is soft and a bit stretchy (5% Spandex), but not too stretchy - making it the most comfortable and supportive wrap you can buy. Designed for cooler carrying, our fabric is as strong as, but thinner than other wraps, which makes it feel stretchier than other wraps. If you tie the wrap tighter, your baby can ride high and the stretch adds comfort to your babycarrying
  • Baby Wrap Convenience- With the baby sling, you are hands free! You can wash dishes, go for walks, go shopping or walk your dog while quieting a restless baby. Both mommy and baby are happy!
  • Cooler Private Breastfeeding: Our Breathale Modal Wrap is the perfect nursing cover: cool, soft, private, and mobile. Unlike any other wrap on the market, we have a convenient front pocket for all of your baby's necessities like diapers, wet wipes, nursing pads, bibs and burp cloths
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Our 177" x 21" (4.5m x 0.5m) Modal wrap shrinks less and retains color better than cotton wraps. Our Modal wrap is Free of harmful chemicals, formaldehydes and azo dyes; and it contains no hardware, plastic or metal. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY because we make and stand behind our great products 100%. You can purchase our product with zero risk. You can email us with questions anytime! We are not satisfied until everyone is enjoying the intimacy and comfort of babycarrying